17 Nov 2012

    Park Shin Hye to make cameo on Taiwanese remake of ‘You’re Beautiful’

    Park Shin Hye will make a special cameo in the Taiwanese version of ‘You’re Beautiful‘.

    Park Shin Hye tweeted, “I am going to meet the ‘Go Mi Nam’ in Taiwan^-^ I’ll be back~~, referring to her leading role in the hit SBS drama.

    The actress will stay in Taiwan from November 8 to the 10th to film the Taiwanese remake. She is set to appear on the first episode, further increasing fans’ anticipation for its premiere.

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    27 May 2012

    [120525] Lee Hongki at Taipei Far Eastern Plaza Hotel

    Credit: 台灣CAPA

    27 May 2012

    [120525] Lee Hongki at Incheon Airport (Depart to Taiwan)

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    6 Mar 2012

    [120305] CNBLUE - BLUESTORM Concert in MTV Taiwan

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    4 Mar 2012

    [FANART] CNBLUESTORM IN TAIWAN ~~ Where You Are ~~Credit: YuFenShared by: zealous@sweetpotatodays


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    1 Mar 2012

    [120229] Jung Yong Hwa – From Taiwan back to Korea

    Credit: CAPA TW
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    1 Mar 2012

    [120228] Jung Yong Hwa at BLUESTORM in Taiwan

    Credit: CP BLUE
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    1 Mar 2012

    [120228] Jung Yong Hwa at Bluestorm in Taiwan Press Conference

    Credit: Capa TW, weibo_Isohao, yahoo,, LibertyTimes, apple daily tw, TW media
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    7 Jan 2012

    [INFO] CNBLUE’s Taiwan stop for BLUESTORM Asia Tour


    Warner Taiwan has announced earlier (at almost 12noon sharp) that Taiwan’s leg of the BLUESTORM Asia Tour will happen on 28th February 2012. They have also posted ticketing details on their Facebook.

    As all the info posted by them are in Chinese, below is a translated summary of the news release and ticketing info Warner Music Taiwan has posted:

    Event: 「BLUE STORM 2012 Asia Tour Taipei stop」

    Date: 28th February 2012 (Tuesday)

    Ticketing: From 14th January 2012 (Saturday) through all ibon convenient stops (machines) at all 7-ELEVEN stores in Taiwan

    Venue: Taipei WTC Nangang Exhibiton Hall, 4th Floor

    Ticket prices: 5600, 4800, 4000, 2800, 1800, 1000NT (Taiwan dollars)

    Ticket zones: Special rock zone, Zone A, Zone B, Zone C, Rock Zone A, Rock Zone B

    (the ticket zones are listed in accordance to the prices above)

    Fans who purchase 2800NT tickets or above before 16th January, 12 midnight, will be entitled to a lucky draw to stand a chance to be one of the 200 lucky BOICEs who will get to attend 『CNBLUE V.S Taiwan Boice』, the only backstage fansign. They will receive the official BLUESTORM Taiwan poster and have it autographed by all four members.

    *More details of the lucky draw for the backstage fansign will be translated and updated later

    Below are excerpts of the news release on the video (below) recorded for promotion of BLUESTORM Taiwan:

    14th January also marks the second anniversary of CNBLUE, leader Jung YongHwa joked that the tickets being sold-out within a day would be the best present for the members.

    As 28th February also happens to be part of a long holiday in Taiwan, CNBLUE hopes that fans can attend the concert to support them. In view of the upcoming lunar new year, CNBLUE also wishes fans a Happy Lunar New Year!

    Sources:  Warner Music Taiwan Web + Facebook
    Translated and compiled by: Gera@cnbluestorm
    Edited by: Jenna@cnbluestorm

    4 Dec 2011

    Park Shin Hye - DRAMAcube 프리미엄드라마_오 나의 공주님 (Oh, My Princess)

    Credit: chdramacube@YouTube