4 Nov 2012

    [121031] Jung Yong Hwa at Incheon Airport, leaving for Music Bank in Chile 

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    4 Nov 2012

    [121026] CNBLUE’s message to MUSIC BANK in CHILE

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    28 Oct 2012

    Jung Yong Hwa back form Japan


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    28 Oct 2012

    [SCAN] CNBLUE in Trendy Magazine Japan version

    28 Oct 2012

    CNBLUE on Korean Billboard News

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    28 Oct 2012

    Jung Yong Hwa  @ CNBLUE Arena Tour 2012 “Come On” Final Day - Saitama Arena photos by press

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    28 Oct 2012

    BOICE JAPAN Renewal message

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    28 Oct 2012

    SBS Kpop Super Concert with CN Blue [English Vers.] NOVEMBER 10, 2012

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    28 Oct 2012

    [TRANS] CNBLUE★Mobile Q’n’A

    Q: How do you overcome when there’s something painful or sad things?

    JungShin: I’ll make an effort to settle it as soon as possible, then sleep.

    JongHyun: Sleep.

    YongHwa: Listen to music, or sleep.

    MinHyuk: Listen to music.

    Q: Do you have anything you want to challenge that you have not done so far?

    JungShin: I want to do things I can.

    JongHyun: I’m in the mid of challenging.

    YongHwa: I want to do it more better what I’m doing right now.

    MinHyuk: I want to learn different kinds of sports and musical instruments.

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    28 Oct 2012

    [121025] CNBLUE Twitter Update – Jung Yong Hwa asks if you are doing well

    @CNBLUE__4: 안녕하세요! 용화입니다. ㅋㅋ사진 놀란거 아님… 잘 지내시는거죠?! 요즘 나른하시죠? 이시간이 제일 피곤한시간… 오늘 하루도 화이팅! P.s) 저번에 심슨 이야기는, 게임, 만화 둘다입니다~! 

    Translation: Hello! It’s me Yonghwa. Kk This is not a surprise photo.. but are you doing well? Are you relaxing these days? This is the most tiresome time.. Hwaiting for today too! P.s) That day regarding the Simpsons, it’s both game and comic~!

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