4 Dec 2011

    Park Shin Hye crowned ‘The Goddess Hanbok’ in Taiwan


    Department of multicast TV channels DRAMAcube (TV Cube) ahead of the first broadcast TV in Taiwan “Oh, My Princess (CNN: sensational tube)” which starred by Park Shin Hye in the drama of the last shooting locally and was stand as the center of  Hallyu Queen.

    Drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ Highly popular in over Asia, Park Shin Hye for the drama shooting, advent in the city was enough to paralyze the main road. This, ‘Oh My Princess’ special services for the crew, fans, Park Shin Hye in terms of pole wearing a hanbok and a scene was inserted the surprise.

    Released from the scene, Park Shin Hye is wearing a red jacket with cute blue hanbok skirt. Cute Park Shin Hye with elegant hanbok becomes exquisitely. Park Shin Hye was wear a hanbok at DRAMAcube story ep 14 and will air on Recurrence.

    Source: DAUM.NET

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